ifidontcomeback.intercode.ca is a simple free service that allows you to program an email to be sent after a certain time unless it is disarmed before the end of that time.

your email: (we will send you an email with a link to arm the timer and a link to disarm it)

the recipient's email: (person to send the email to when timer reaches the end)

duration of timer:
days: hours: minutes:

your name: (the email sent to the recipient if the timer reaches the end will be from yourname@ifidontcomeback.intercode.ca. your name must only be composed of letters, numbers or underscores.)

the subject: (this will be the subject of the message)

the message: (this will be the body of the message)

please retype this number in the box under it

fill all the fields and click on "create timed message". this will send you an email with 2 links, one to arm and one to disarm the timer of the message. when you click the link to activate the timer the time will start counting. if the link to arm the timer is clicked again once the timer is already started, it will have no effect and will not reset the timer. when the link to disarm the timer is clicked, the timer is stopped and the message is disarmed. if the timer reaches the end and the link to disarm the timer has not been clicked, the message is emailed to the recipient's email address.

if the timer reaches the end and the timed email is sent to your recipient. this email will contain a link that your recipient must click to confirm that he/she has received the email. if the link to confirm reception of the email is not clicked by the recipient after the timed email is sent, the email will be sent again, every 3 days, until the recipient clicks the link to confirm the good reception of the timed message.

if the timer has been disarmed it can be rearmed again by clicking the link to arm the timer, this will restart the time to the beginning. when a message has not been armed for more than 90 days it is erased from our system and if you try to arm it again, instead of a successful message you will get an error message so you will know. messages will not be erased as long as their timer is armed and ifidontcomeback.intercode.ca exists even if that is over 90 days.

ifidontcomeback.intercode.ca will never give your email or your recipient's email address to anyone or send you or your recipient anything else than the email containing the links to arm and disarm the timer to you and the message you wrote to the recipient only if the timer reaches the end before the link to disarm the timer is clicked.

if you want ifidontcomeback.intercode.ca to resend you the message controls for all the timed messages that are currently armed from your email, click here.